About us

Valkplant is a company constantly searching for the most beautiful and innovating plant varieties. Since our establishment in 1993 by Ria and Wim van der Poel,  we practise this profession and a lot of very successful plants have been introduced into the market. We do this with a lot of passion for plants and always based on our many years of botanical plant knowledge. Well known introductions from our assortment are Hydrangea arb. Strong Annabelle®, Berberis thunb. Admiration, Syringa Bloomerang® Pink Perfume, Loropetalum Black Pearl® but also Weigela All Summer® and Hydrangea pan. Little Lime® are in our assortment. On this website you will find all the plants we proudly represent!

The Valkplant team
Saskia Janssen
Your contactperson for new varieties, licensing and plant breeders rights

Esther Wientjens

Responsible for (retail) marketing and promotion 

Wim van der Poel

Your expert in the areas of plant breeding and botanical plant knowledge

Gonny van Dijk

For question about your contract


Sabine Lek

Your contactperson for packaging orders (labels & containers) and administrative questions

Our way of working
The first step in the process is to test the new variety and compare with existing varieties. Part of this testing is done at our testing location in Hazerswoude but also at different sites in Europe with different climatological circumstances. The potential new introductions are also tested in their ability to be produced commercially.
The next step is to protect the plant with plant variety rights and/or protection with a trademark in areas where the plant could be successful. After this the plant can be introduced to the market. We have a good and reliable network of partners and quality growers in Europe and North America to make the plant a commercial success. A very important part of this success is taking care of the right promotion and marketing but also conducting regular control actions in the market in order to prevent illegal growing and trading of the varieties.
We hope to welcome you as grower, breeder, press or retailer!
Are you interested in:

A good partner for the development of your new variety? Do you want a license contract for one of our innovating varieties? Or are you interested in one of the plants from our portfolio to add to your assortment?

Then Valkplant is your partner. Contact us by email: info@valkplant.com or by phone: +31 172 588600