Proven Winners® 

Proven Winners® is an international plant genetics network and brand for quality plants. In the US the Proven Winners® brand is currently “The #1 Plant Brand®” selling over 150 million branded plants in North America from an assortment that contains 300 annual varieties and over 250 shrub varieties.

Proven Winners® shrubs in Europe

Valkplant is responsible for the Proven Winners® shrubs program in Europe. The European shrub assortment currently comprises more than 100 varieties from 22 genera among which best-selling varieties like Buddleja Chip® Blue Chip and Hydrangea Strong Annabelle®.

Proven Winners® shrubs offer
  • One single brand with a unique and broad assortment
  • Top quality plants thoroughly tested and protected with plant breeders rights (PBR) and/or EU trademarks
  • Continuous innovation through a worldwide network of breeders and universities who are constantly trying to improve and innovate plants resulting in a vast pipeline of great new plants.
  • Recognizable plants through their consistent distinctive packaging:
    – Distinctive white container with the Proven Winners® logo
    – Diamond-shaped label with images and information
  • Extensive possibilities for marketing support
Proven Winners® marketing

The promise of Proven Winners® to consumers is: “a better garden starts with a better plant”. The unique selling points are:

  • Unique & innovative
  • Multiple seasons attractive
  • Colourful & healthy
  • Award winners
  • Easy to maintain
  • Winter hardy

The promise of Proven Winners® to consumers is: “a better garden starts with a better plant”. The unique selling points are:

  • Unique & innovative
  • Multiple seasons attractive
  • Colourful & healthy
  • Award winners
  • Easy to maintain
  • Winter hardy

Proven Winners® marketing support has the following main pillars:

1. Consumer marketing initiatives (pull marketing):

Initiatives that are directed towards the consumers to create demand for Proven Winners® plants. In the past years these initiatives consisted of amongst other:


a. Print:

– Advertising campaign in several European consumer gardening magazines

b. TV:
– Sponsoring of TV shows (Netherlands only)

c. Digital marketing and social media :
– In cooperation with Proven Winners Europe the Proven Winners® brand is promoted online through Google and Meta advertising campaigns. Content on several themes and key products was created and promoted combining together to a digital version of The Gardeners Ideas Book

– Proven Winners® ColorChoice® is active on  several social media channels. 
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d.  : Other

Proven Winners® webshop: To ensure the end-consumer is always able to find & buy the Proven Winners® variety they want Valkplant has launched a consumer webshop. Consumers living in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France can order Proven Winners® plants through this webshop. The plants are supplied by Proven Winners® growers in the Boskoop area and then carefully packaged and shipped to the consumer. The webshop is also used to further promote the brand online.

The Proven Winners® Hydrangea guide. This A5 brochure, made by Valkplant, will help consumers to choose the best Hydrangea for their garden and inform them how to take care of it. The Hydrangea guide is currently available in 7 languages and mainly distributed to consumers through  garden centres and fairs. Also available online

2. Retail marketing support:

Proven Winners® offers garden centres the opportunity of marketing support taking a tailor made approach through for example:
– Development of POS materials tailored to your company
– Advertising in retailer magazines or online

In case you are interested in retail marketing support, please contact us.


Lime Light Prime®

Hydrangea pan.

Ruby Chip®

Buddleja Chip® x

Proven Winners® & sustainability

Proven Winners® plants are thoroughly tested before they are selected for the Proven Winners® program. The plants are not only tested on their unique characteristics but also on their resistance to plant diseases and pests. Due to this rigorous test and selection process Proven Winners® plants are strong and healthy varieties, that require reduced or even no chemical interventions.

In terms of packaging Proven Winners® searches for more environmentally friendly alternatives. The recognisable white Proven Winners® container (thermoformed) contains 30% less plastic than the commonly used injection-moulded containers. In addition, the pot is made of 100% post-consumer recycled material, i.e. the pots are made of plastic that is recycled from consumer waste. The container has a grey inside that is 100% recyclable after its use, as it can easily be detected by the most commonly used automatic waste processing machines (using near infrared scanning).

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