Hydrangea Flair & Flavours® Frozen Smoothie® awarded with a KVBC bronze medal!

Valkplant entered the plant in the Beste Novelty competition during the summer edition of Plantarium Groen-Direkt taking place on the 12 & 13th of June 2023. At the same time Valkplant is presenting Proven Winners® shrubs at the Flower Trials (13-16th of June) together with our European Proven Winners® annual partners.

Frozen Smoothie®  is a truly unique Hydrangea rather than flowering only on the top of the stem, its flowers will pop-up along the entire branch and will last till the first frost. The vibrant autumn foliage colours add another interest to this wonderful plant. Find out more here.

At the Flower Trials we are showing a selection of the now over 100 varieties in the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® range of which 38 varieties have been awarded a KVBC medal. If you are interested in Hydrangea serrata Flair & Flavours® Frozen Smoothie® (‘SMNHSI’) or Proven Winners®, please do not hesitate to contact us.