Kordes Jungpflanzen and Proven Winners® at Lebensart consumer fair

Our highly valued partner in Germany Kordes Junpflanzen participated with a Proven Winners® booth at the Lebensart fair (Garden, Living & Lifestyle)  in Lübeck from 24thto 26th February 2023. 30’000 people visited the exhibition! Kordes will participate in 9 other fairs throughout Germany, during the spring and summer.

The booth was beautifully decorated, including a large Spiraea Double Play® Doozie® banner that was a huge hit and attracted the attention and interest of many visitors. They took the time to stop by and learn more about the Proven Winners® brand, and the many benefits of the plants in the Proven Winners® assortment.


With each plant sold, Kordes also distributed a flyer with an explanation about Proven Winners®, a very nice way to promote the brand. A big thanks for the involvement and commitment of Kordes!