Planten Assortiment

The range of plants that Valkplant manages contains more than 200 species. These varieties are all protected by European plant breeders' rights and / or trademark rights. More than 75 varieties fall under the Proven Winners® brand. Below you can search the range by means of filters and find detailed information about these types.

BellaRagazza® Blanchetta

Hydrangea arb.

A true revolution: the first dwarf ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea in the world! This plant reaches only 50 cm, has a round mounded habit and has strong branches. The big flowers emerge in pale pink and change to white. Flowers from early summer until autumn.

  • Super dwarf habit
  • Strong branches
  • Continuous flowering
  • Large flowers
compact bushy
early spring, to 20-25 cm
Colour & scent
Spring :
Summer :
Autumn :
Flowering period :
mid summer - early autumn
Fragrance :
Not fragrant
Size & Position
Height at maturity :
40 - 60 cm
Spread at maturity :
60 - 90 cm
Time to maturity :
3 years
Best position :
Drought tolerance :
Prefered pH :
Acid /Neutral /Alkaline

Hydrangea arborescens 'NCHA5' BellaRagazza® Blanchetta

EU PBR: 2017/2699
EU TM: 17540063
US PP: 30296


Dr. Tom Ranney, North Carolina, USA